OEMC – Day 1

Venice – Day 2

After the opening ceremony yesterday, today at the OEMC gameplay got underway, with 4 consecutive 2 hour rounds of play. Well, you do get a break in between sessions and they’ll even feed you, but concentrating for that long is not easy.

Unfortunately, our 4th team member (Rui) did not show up, so we were crippled from the start, since a substitute never scores ranking points. However, Robert was doing well the first 2 rounds (8/8 points), but then fell back (double blank and that pisses him of like nothing else – he’d rather get back up the Monte Zoncolan). Paula didn’t do that well all day and scored a total of 3 points, Martha scored 6 points.

Towards the end of the final round for today, our lost team member wandered in – he had made an error thinking that the tournament would start Saturday. So now Robert found out that he could get more pissed, even more so because he had to go through a lengthy discussion with the organization about whether or not Rui would be allowed to start tomorrow. We need a arbitrary committee meeting on the subject early in the morning and then ratify that during the General Assembly in the evening.

All in all not such a good day on a personal and team level, but in general the event itself is well organized and players are content with what’s being offered to them. Another long day tomorrow, with 3 rounds of play, the GA from 18:30 t0 20:30 and then the ‘gala dinner’…

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