OEMC – Day 2

Venice – Day 3

The second day of the OEMC in Mestre, Venice and our team – now complete – did not do much better than yesterday. Rui and Robert both scored 8/12, Paula got 5 points and Martha scored only 1. The are 160 players and Robert is now in 40th place, Rui is on 123, Paula on 132, Martha on 137 – the team is ranked 32nd (from 40).

Two Dutch players are still competing for the podium: Leni Janssen dropped from 1 to 3 (6/12 today) and Zeger de Jong is currently 5th – they both have 22 points, 2 points behind the leader, Ildikó Hargitai from Hungary, Jun Nishikawa is 2nd with 23 points.

At the General Assembly Robert resigned as president of the European Mahjong Association (EMA) – he’s now devoting his time even more to his Alpe d’HuZes quest 🙂

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