OEMC – Day 3

Venice – Day 4

The final day of the OEMC 2011 and (boy!) is Robert glad it’s over… The last two rounds today brought him 1 lousy point (from 8 possible), Martha did even worse with a double blank, Rui got 2 points and Paula was our best player today with 5 points. Final classification: Martha 146, Rui 128, Paula 104 and Robert 72. The team ended 32nd.

More importantly – about the OEMC that is – the title was claimed by the only Hungarian in the field, Ildikó Hargitai. She stayed 4 points clear of runner up Martin Faartoft from Danmark and 5 from ‘our’ Leni Janssen (go Leni!). Janco Onnink also made it into the top 10 – he ended 10th. Also three Dutch teams ended in the top 10 of the team competition.

The event was almost a perfect 10 from an organizational point of view. The Italians did a fantastic job and the players responded to that with great spirit and a really friendly atmosphere. No complaints were reported to Robert, who acted as official EMA observer for the tournament.

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Now, even more importantly – from Cyclopaat’s point of view – our not so succesful mahjong playing heroes are moving back to the Dolomites tomorrow. The Mortirolo is waiting for him and after that, he’s in for some more real treats 🙂